Let’s talk about coproduction

The top priority of the NNPCF is to spread the word on coproduction. We believe that the best way of improving the outcomes for children and young people with SEND is to listen to them and their families and to include them in all the decisions about their lives. Whether it is designing an individual therapy programme for a child or commissioning a multi-million pound contract, coproduction is the key.

Here are just a few examples of how NNPCF steering group members have been talking about coproduction over the few weeks.

NNPCF co-chair, Mrunal Sisodia has given two training sessions for the Local Government Association on their Leadership Essentials course for local councillors who have key positions in children’s services across England. Mrunal trained over 40 councillors and urged them to work collaboratively with parents and to ensure that health, social care and education services worked together more effectively. Mrunal also urged all the council leaders to make sure that they worked with their local parent carer forum and funded it properly.

In the West Midlands, regional steering group member Zara Bowden presented to the whole school send regional network and the regional SEND forum on parent carer forums, coproduction and what good looks like in schools (SEN support being the focus). Both these opportunities resulted in new relationships being forged within the region and a positive response from attendees about the purpose of forums and the potential to work together.

On 26 September Mrunal was joined by NNPCF National Representative Sarah Thomas as they gave the keynote speech at the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists conference. Mrunal and Sarah spoke about how services needed to wrap the child and shared examples from their personal experience to illustrate the benefits and pitfalls. Sarah also spoke about the work that has been done in the North East on the Transforming Care accelerator site where mental health services have worked closely with schools to transform services.

Finally, on the 4th October, NNPCF co-chair Tina Emery gave a seminar at the TES SEN show in London. Tina spoke about the lived experience of families with SEND and shared what families have been telling us needs to change.

You can find the key slides that Mrunal, Tina, Zara and Sarah used here [insert link].

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