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SEND Review Update: NNPCF

NNPCF Co-Chairs continue to attend SEND Review Steering Group and represent views of parents and forums but the NNPCF is also heavily involved in the wider sector response to the review. One example of this is our work with the Special Educational Consortium (SEC) of which the NNPCF is a member. SEC is a group […]

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Latest developments on the SEND Review

NNPCF to join SEND review steering group The SEND review has now been running for over 2 years and there has been increasing frustration and speculation about the progress of the work. When the review was set up in 2019, we were not invited to join the review in a formal capacity. At the time, […]

Department for Education NNPCF work SEND Review

SEND review – engagement opportunities for parent carer forums

The NNPCF steering group has been working with a variety of stakeholders to offer parent carers and forums the opportunity to be briefed and engage in the SEND Green Paper. This post updates you on what we are planning and how you can get involved. The SEND review has been a long time in the […]

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What we need from the SEND review: NNPCF co-chairs brief Children and Families Minister Will Quince

NNPCF co-chairs Tina Emery and Mrunal Sisodia met with the new Children and Families Minister Will Quince to brief him on what parent carers want from the SEND review. Tina and Mrunal started by outlining the key messages from parent carer forums about the lived experience of families with SEND in the current environment: a […]

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NNPCF engagement with the SEND Review

At the NNPCF conference on the 7th November, delegates will have the opportunity to create solutions to the issues facing families for input into the SEND review. In September, the government announced a “Five years on” review of the SEND system. The NNPCF were delighted with this announcement as the we had asked Nadhim Zahawi, […]

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NNPCF conference gives SEND Review seven clear messages

Parent carer forum delegates from across the country gave the SEND review team a great demonstration of the knowledge, passion and determination of parent carer forums at the annual NNPCF / Contact Conference on the 7th November in Chester. 196 delegates from 88 local areas engaged in an exercise to explore solutions to the issues […]

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NNPCF Steering Group meeting with Minister Will Quince

On Tuesday 18th January the NNPCF Steering group met with the Parliamentary Undersecretary for Children and Families Minister Will Quince. It was a 45-minute meeting where we gave the Minister stories of why and what we need to be included into the SEND review. The subjects included: The importance of national clarity about what should […]

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SEND Green Paper – response from the NNPCF

The long awaited SEND Green Paper was published this morning. In this article, the NNPCF steering group present their initial response and analyse where the Green Paper delivers what parent carer forums had asked for, where it doesn’t go far enough and where we have significant concerns. You can find the Green Paper here: SEND […]

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NNPCF work to improve accountability in the SEND system

One of the four priority areas for the NNPCF this year is to improve the accountability across the SEND system – to ensure that those bodies with responsibilities to support children and young people with SEND actually deliver what they are required to (please see the presentation at our AGM in March for the other […]


Open letter to parents from Minister Quince

The link below takes you to the open letter by the new Minister for children and families, Minister Quince. An open letter to parents and carers of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities from Children and Families Minister Will Quince – The Education Hub ( The DfE have also set up […]