Steering group

Mrunal Sisodia – CoChair & East of England Regional Steering Group Member

Mrunal was elected as regional steering group member in early 2017 and elected as co-chair in the summer of 2017.

Mrunal has previously been chair of his local parent carer forum in Bedford Borough as well as having previously been co-chair of the Eastern Regional Parent Carer Forum Network.

He brings with him a wealth of knowledge from his work within the international finance sector.

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Tina Emery – CoChair & South West Regional Steering Group Member

Tina was elected to the regional steering group role in 2017, she is currently one of the directors of Somerset Parent Carer Forum. Tina was elected as co-chair in summer 2019.

Tina has a background in education and residential social care and is very active in strategic work both locally and now regionally.Tina has a teenage son with autism, dyslexia, and hyper-sensory disorder.

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Richard Jaramba – East Midlands Regional Steering Group Member

Richard has been an active member of the local and East Midlands Regional Forum.

He brings a wealth of experience from the Voluntary sector and over ten years in the health and social care sector.

Richard has a passion for social integration and especially for SEN children and their families in the community.

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Elaine – West Midlands Regional Steering Group Member

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Kath Bromfield – North West Regional Steering Group Member

Kath joined the steering group in 2017 but has been part of her own forum for some time, currently as chair.

Kath is a person centred planner, expert by experience, and a trainer across many parts of the SEND arena. Her depth of understanding of inclusion and coproduction has been an asset to the steering group.

She has four children, is an active member of her local community, and is governor at a local secondary school. Kath has worked in education, as a teacher, in the past.

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Jayne Fitzgerald – Yorkshire & Humber Regional Steering Group Member

Jayne has previously been co-chair of the Yorkshire & Humber Regional Forum and is currently the strategic manager of her local parent carer forum .

She has been a national representative for NNPCF prior to joining the steering group and is passionate about the lived experience of SEN children and their families having direct impact on policy and process.

Jayne has 10 years active experience of working strategically, locally, regionally and nationally within SEN circles to ensure the voice of the child/young person and family is central to developments.

She has 6 children, 4 of whom are diagnosed with a range of neurodiverse conditions, sensory processing disorder, autism, adhd, dyslexia. Jayne is also a long-term foster carer for a child with severe learning disabilities, autism, sensory processing disorder and trauma and attachment difficulties.

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Sarah Clarke – South East Regional Steering Group Member

Sarah is currently the chair of her local parent carer forum.

Sarah has a teenage son with autism, dyslexia and PDA traits.

Sarah was previously an office manager but retrained as holistic practitioner when her children were small.  She is also a governor at her children’s secondary school.

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Jo Gilliland – North East & Cumbria Regional Steering Group Member

Jo has been co-chair of North Tyneside parent carer forum since January 2017.

She has also been co-chair of the North East & Cumbria PCF network since October 2018.

Jo has a background in business management and has worked in the voluntary SEND sector since 2015, inspired by her son who has ASD.

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Fazilla Amide – London Regional Steering Group Member

Fazilla was elected to the steering group in 2017. She has a background in HR, Training, and Change Management that bring with her 20 years of experience in working with global organisations.

Fazilla has a son with complex health needs and ASD. She is currently chair of her local parent carer forum in Enfield.

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Ros Luff – London Regional Steering Group Member

Ros was heavily engaged within the pathfinder programme prior to the implementation of the SEND Reforms.

Within her local forum Ros has worked on improving partnerships locally and the implementation of the Care Act and Children and Families Act.

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