Talking Points

NNPCF Key areas of focus

The NNPCFs core function is to be the national voice of parent carer forums. This means that the steering group, made up of elected representatives from within the regional parent carer forum networks, work with national partners to promote and champion parent carer forums, strategic parent carer participation, as well as using local parent carer forums experiences to shape the discussion had at a national level.

These Talking Points documents have been developed to aid our national discussions. They have been collated from experiences, conversations, and information gathered from our member parent carer forums and their parent carer communities.

From the information we have gathered we have developed our ongoing objectives, these are outlined below:

These talking points will be developed and updated as the NNPCF Steering Group continue to listen to our member parent carer forums experiences and feedback, shaping our discussions with national partners.

As part of the development of our talking points documents, we often reference statistical data from multiple resources. Please read our Facts and Figures document which references our key resources.