Get Involved

The NNPCF believe that as many parents and carers as possible should be involved in Participation.

By getting parents voices heard at a local level their shared experience gives the NNPCF strength:

  • across the regions
  • across the forums
  • across the families

At a local level this ensures that Local Authorities can obtain real evidence through their Forums and demonstrate that there is a common and single voice determining what is needed on the ground.

This clearly enables national policy to be delivered locally without government prescribing the commissioning of services.

At a regional level Forums are able to get together to share good practice amongst themselves, but also to share how different authorities are implementing solutions and services.

Nationally information is cascaded up to the steering group and equally information is cascaded through the network as often as possible. All parents linked to forums should be kept fully informed of our national activities and programme.

As well as involvement in local services, parents, forums and regions are encouraged to get involved with national consultations and initiatives.