Our Work

The NNPCF focuses its activity in four main areas:

Parent Participation: By developing the regional and local activity we try to encourage good practice between forums and also introduce regional organisations to engage with parent carer forums.

Working with Government: We have direct contact with the Department of Education, the Department of Health and other government organisations such as OFSTED and NHS England. We encourage consultation on policy and we maintain a good level of communication to influence decisions.

Working with other Organisations: We are proud of the network of organisations with which we are involved. The cartwheel below gives some indication of who we are in contact with. This increasing circle of friends help us connect with those who we feel have an influence over the children and families who we represent.

Our own internal infrastructure: As an evolving organisation we have to maintain our own policies and way of working. We have internal sub-groups who work to develop our documentation and other initiatives before publishing them and obtaining agreement from our membership.

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