East of England

We have 11 Parent Carer Forums who work in partnership with their local area partners as well as working across the region collaboratively. Please find the contact details of all the forums listed by Local Authority Area below.


Organisation: Bedford Borough Parent Carer Forum
Email: communications@bbpcf.org.uk
Tel: 07852 228168
Website: http://www.bbpcf.co.uk


Organisation: Pinpoint
Email: information@pinpoint-cambs.org.uk
Tel: 01480 877333
Website: http://www.pinpoint-cambs.org.uk

Central Bedfordshire

Organisation: Special Needs Action Panel Central Bedfordshire Parent Carer Forum
Email: admin@snappcf.org.uk
Tel: 07984 545044
Website: http://www.snappcf.org.uk


Organisation: Essex Family Forum
Email: hello@essexfamilyforum.org
Tel: 07742 958003 – 07707 110592
Website: http://www.essexfamilyforum.org


Organisation: HPCI – Herts Parent Carer Involvement 
Email: contact@hertsparentcarers.org.uk
Tel: 07840 360245
Website: http://www.hertsparentcarers.org.uk


Organisation: Luton Family Voice
Email: N/A
Tel: 07729 099576
Website: http://www.facebook.com/lutonparentcarervoice


Organisation: Family Voice Norfolk
Email: office@familyvoice.org.uk
Tel: 07950 302937
Website: http://www.familyvoice.org.uk


Organisation: Family Voice Peterborough
Email: office@familyvoice.org
Tel: 01733 685510
Website: http://www.familyvoice.org


Organisation: Southend SEND Independent Forum
Email: southendsendindependentforum@gmail.com
Tel: 07955067588
Website: southsendindependentforum.co.uk


Organisation: No Forum Currently Active
Email: Catherine.Ratcliffe@Cafamily.org.uk


Organisation: Thurrock Parent Carer Forum
Email: thurrockparentcarers@gmail.com
Tel: 07751 549638
Website: http://www.facebook.com/ThurrockParentCarer

The East of England Regional Network operates as a constituted group with an elected chair and vice chair with an appointed secretary and treasurer. This group, along with the NNPCF steering group member form a regional leadership team that organise the activities in the region which include termly meetings and frequent training, peer support and workshop sessions. Representative work is carried out by the team of national representatives and regional representatives. We work very closely with the peer network and form a four way partnership (parents, education, health and social care) to priorities the activities of the wider SEND region.

You can visit our website at; https://easternregionofparentcarerforums.org.uk

To contact the NNPCF Regional Steering Group Member, please email EastofEngland@nnpcf.org.uk