NNPCF Steering Group

Welcome to Jayne Fitzgerald to the Steering Group

We would like to welcome Jayne Fitzgerald to the steering group as the Yorkshire & Humber Regional steering group member.

Jayne has previously been co-chair of the Yorkshire & Humber Regional Forum and is currently the strategic manager of her local parent carer forum .

She has been a national representative for NNPCF prior to joining the steering group and is passionate about the lived experience of SEN children and their families having direct impact on policy and process.

Jayne has 10 years active experience of working strategically, locally, regionally and nationally within SEN circles to ensure the voice of the child/young person and family is central to developments.

She has 6 children, 4 of whom are diagnosed with a range of neurodiverse conditions, sensory processing disorder, autism, adhd, dyslexia. Jayne is also a long-term foster carer for a child with severe learning disabilities, autism, sensory processing disorder and trauma and attachment difficulties.

About joining the steering group

“After many years of watching the National Network grow and achieve outcomes for members and their families, I always felt part of something bigger and that not only am I not isolated as a parent locally and regionally, but nationally too. The opportunity to contribute and learn as a steering group member is both exciting and daunting and to play a small part in reducing the isolation often felt and further empower parent/carers to actively participate for better outcomes in partnership is incredibly humbling.

Yorkshire & Humber is teaming with incredible children, young people and families who come together through local parent carer forums to make up the regional parent carer forum. I feel privileged to be representing them on the NNPCF steering group and to be joining our Yorkshire & Humber Voice and lived experience in SENDworld with that of regions from across the country. Our collective voice, together, can make a difference to outcomes for those voices not yet heard and for future families who find themselves in the world of SEND. #StrongerTogether”

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank Julie Bruce for her time serving in this role. It has been a great time working with you, and would like to thank you for all the hard work you have put in both nationally and regionally. You will be missed.

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