School Uniforms and SEND

The NNPCF represents the views of SEND parents on a wide range of issues and topics – much of it, you may not be aware we participate in. One example is the recent guidance on school uniforms published by the Department for Education.

NNPCF co-chair, Tina Emery and Steering Member for the South East, Sarah Clarke were invited to contribute to the update of the School Uniform Guidance from the DfE.  Many issues were raised and discussed about how uniform policies impact our families and their children.

Main Key points added:

  • The difficulty of purchasing some non branded items.
  • Sensory issues – the need to consider reasonable adjustments and the Equalities Act for uniform rules.
  • Items which can be bought generically need to be widely available from a variety of stores.
  • Excessive PE kits – particularly the variety of footwear required.
  • Footwear in general – cost and sensory issues.
  • Coats – the importance of CYP’s being visible, particularly in winter, when travelling to and from school.

We were delighted to see that many of the points we raised were incorporated into the revised guidance.

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