NNPCF Management Team

NNPCF appoints new management team members

The NNPCF steering group are delighted to announce that Sue Cawkwell and Melissa Chesman will be joining the NNPCF management team.

Sue will join as our administrative lead and will work with the board and management team to ensure that the work of the NNPCF is organised and managed in the best possible way. She will be supporting in building the NNPCF’s functions as a community interest company and moving us forward in areas such as management and control of our policies and processes in areas such as HR, legal support and effective delivery of our projects.

Sue said, “I’m delighted to have been given the opportunity to support the ongoing work of NNPCF and look forward to being part of an organisation that has a highly dedicated team with such a strong mission and vision. I have many years management experience within the voluntary sector, specifically within disabled children’s services, together with personal experience as a parent. I’m excited to begin this new role and am looking forward to working hard with the board and management team and be part of moving the organisation forward.”  

Melissa joins as our communications lead, taking over some of the responsibilities currently held by Richard Hobbs who continues on the management team as our IT lead. Melissa will be owning the content of the NNPCF website and social media platforms. She will work closely with Richard on developing a new NNPCF website and reviewing the branding of the NNPCF.

Melissa said, “” I’m super excited to start working for the NNPCF.  The experience I’ve had locally, as chair and administrator for Rutland Parent Carer Voice as well as working for Rutland County Council in their communications team, will help and support the work of the NNPCF going forward. Developing communications on local, regional, and national level will assist in raising the profile of the crucial work the NNPCF does.  Publicising important updates, detailing exciting new developments, such as the imminent release of the SEND review, and promoting the important work our parent carer forums do in their local areas will certainly keep me busy!” 

Sue and Melissa’s appointment represents the growth of the NNPCF – the last few years have seen a significant increase in the volume of work we are involved in and as we have started operations as a community interest company, we are seeking to increase our capacity and capability as an organisation.

Sue and Melissa join the NNPCF management team that is responsible for delivering the core work of the NNPCF. The management team consists of Jacqui Watt (Participation), Richard Hobbs (IT), Kay Moore (Policy and Consultations) and Claire Powers (Finance and Operations). The team work to deliver the strategy and priorities set by the NNPCF steering group.