NNPCF Steering Group

Welcome to Richard Jaramba – our new East Midlands Steering Group Member

The NNPCF steering group are pleased to announce that Richard Jaramba has been selected as the new NNPCF steering group member for the East Midlands . Richard is chair of the Leicester City Forum and is also co-chair of the East Midlands region of parent carer forums. Richard has also been an active NNPCF national representative for the last 3 years.

Richard joins the NNPCF steering group which is responsible for listening to and working with our regions and creating strategy and priorities of the national organisation.

NNPCF cochairs Tina Emery and Mrunal Sisodia said, “We are delighted that Richard has joined the NNPCF steering Group. Richard brings a wealth of experience in coproduction to the NNPCF at a local, regional and national level. Please join us in congratulating Richard on his appointment and welcoming him to the steering group.

Richard said, “Thank you for offering me the opportunity to join and represent East Midlands as a Steering Group member of the NNPCF. We will work together focusing on our aspirations with confidence achieve our desired outcomes.”

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