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Latest developments on the SEND Review

NNPCF to join SEND review steering group

The SEND review has now been running for over 2 years and there has been increasing frustration and speculation about the progress of the work.

When the review was set up in 2019, we were not invited to join the review in a formal capacity. At the time, we highlighted the review would lack legitimacy without direct parental input.

However, we have now been asked to join the SEND review steering group. Because we continue to believe that coproduction and a strong family voice is essential, we have decided to accept the invitation.

We will be sharing the same messages we have been for the last two years

Even though, we haven’t been a formal member of the review until now, we have made strong and consistent representations into the review for the past two years.

 In its initial phases in 2019 we arranged a series of local, regional and national events to ensure that the parent-carer voice was heard by the SEND team and insisted that parents should have simple routes to contribute. You can find our representations on WHAT needed to change here: NNPCF conference gives SEND Review seven clear messages – National Network of Parent Carer Forums C.I.C

After this, we have continued to work on our input into the review (via the many groups, boards, and established relationships we have access to) and in March 2021, we presented a webinar at our conference on HOW we should deliver the improved outcomes for children and young people with SEND through changing minimum standards, funding, accountability and reporting in the SEND system. You can find this webinar here: NNPCF input into the SEND review – YouTube. The presentation is here Microsoft PowerPoint – NNPCF input in to the SEND review.

We will continue to be transparent and seek to work with colleagues in the SEND sector to influence the review

We have met with other SEND groups including the Special Educational Consortium, the Disabled Children’s Partnership and the Let us Learn Too campaign – all of these groups are asking for similar changes to the system as the NNPCF. These and other groups also do important work representing families. We believe these messages should be heard through as many channels as possible via both campaigning and coproduction

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