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What we need from the SEND review: NNPCF co-chairs brief Children and Families Minister Will Quince

NNPCF co-chairs Tina Emery and Mrunal Sisodia met with the new Children and Families Minister Will Quince to brief him on what parent carers want from the SEND review.

Tina and Mrunal started by outlining the key messages from parent carer forums about the lived experience of families with SEND in the current environment: a lack of early intervention; poor experiences of children in mainstream schools; long waits for services and assessment; disappointing quality EHCPs and missing provision and prospects when young people leave education.

The NNPCF have done a lot of work with parent carer forums on identifying the root causes of these experiences and what we can do to fix them. We talked to Minister Quince about the need for enforceable national minimum standards for services, aligning the incentives for schools, local authorities and health services to be inclusive (e.g. funding flows, inspection, data collected and league tables) and the shortages of money, capacity and skills in the system. You can find more detail on our work in these areas here: Latest developments on the SEND Review – National Network of Parent Carer Forums C.I.C (

We also urged Minister Quince to ensure that the SEND review did not dilute the rights of parent carers and children and young people in any way.

The Minister welcomed our input and promised to continue the dialogue with the NNPCF including coming to meet the wider NNPCF steering group in the coming weeks and months.

The SEND review is entering a critical phase and Tina and Mrunal have been invited to sit on the review Steering Group. We will keep you posted on developments and further Ministerial meetings.

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