Department for Education Government Minister for children and families

Confirmation of Ministerial changes

The last few weeks have been very turbulent for the government with Boris Johnson standing down once a new Prime Minister (PM) has been voted in by the Conservative party.

As you will know , Will Quince stood down from his Ministerial role of Children and Families Minister.

This caused a lot of questions regarding the Green Paper Send review, including whether the review would be continued, postponed, or concluded early.

We have now received confirmation from our colleagues at the Department for Education (DfE) that Will Quince has accepted a new position in the government as the Minister for School Standards which includes SEND and the SEND and AP Green Paper.

This gives the new government ministerial continuity, which of course we are very pleased to hear, however, we know there will be more changes once the PM is appointed.

The responsibilities of Minister Will Quince can be found on the government website:

The Alternative Provision (AP) brief is with Brendan Clarke-Smith, Minister for Children and Families, who will be working closely with the DfE team to ensure the links work with Alternative Provision and the wider children and families agenda.

Knowing this information, we would encourage you to complete the SEND Green paper review, review-2022/ which remains open until 22 July 11.45 pm

Our own NNPCF SEND green paper review survey closes next week too, there is still time to get involved: