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NNPCF response to the SEND Green Paper and Alternative Provision consultation.

The NNPCF ‘s consultation response has been submitted today 22 July.

Our response has been extensively coproduced with parent carers:

  • We ran a survey for all parents which received nearly 1300 responses – parents gave us a very strong steer on the key issues. We will publish the results of this survey in full.
  • We ran a webinar on 11 July to share the interim results from the survey with our membership – you can watch this webinar here: Find out what parent carers have told us about the SEND Green Paper and coproduce the NNPCF consulta – YouTube
  • We have hosted many regional events over the last 15 weeks with parent carer forums – some with the DfE team in attendance and some exclusively for parent carer forums.

We focussed our responses on those areas that will directly impact service delivery to families because this was where we got the most and the strongest responses from parent carers. We touch upon those areas that deal more with the structure.

In addition to this formal consultation response, we have had regular dialogue with the DfE about the Green Paper proposals where we have continued to make the key points in our consultation response:

  • NNPCF co-chairs, Tina Emery and Mrunal Sisodia continue to be members of the SEND review steering group which has met twice during the consultation period.
  • Senior civil servants from the DfE attended the webinar we held on the 11 July (see link above)
  • We have meetings scheduled over the coming weeks with the DfE to further analyse the results of our survey

We will continue to update you on the progress of the Green Paper as we have more information.

You can download our response here:

Below you can find the responses we received to our SEND review survey, which informed the response we submitted to the Green Paper consultation.