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Ofsted-CQC publish final report on interim visits

Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission have published their final report from their programme of interim visits to local areas.

In this report, they look at the history of SEND reforms and the impact that the pandemic has had on children and young people with SEND, and their families.

Amanda Spielman, HMCI, has also written a commentary to share more information about the plans for our new area SEND inspection framework.

Ofsted / CQC have produced three short videos which summarise the key information from the report and the commentary. You can access these via the links below:

· Nick Whittaker talks about the programme of visits to local areas conducted by Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission.

· Nick Whittaker talks about the issues arising during the pandemic for children and young people with SEND.

· Nick Whittaker and Lee Carey discuss joint area SEND inspections.

This report raises many of the themes and concerns that the NNPCF has identified before, during and for the recovery from the pandemic. IN particular, the role of parent carer forums in creating the better performing systems is recognised:

“The role of the parent–carer forum featured prominently in the most successful areas. In these, leaders had understood that co-production meant working with families as equal partners.”

The report also calls for the key changes in the SEND system that we have asked for in the SEND review. For example:

“What, then, needs to happen for this situation to improve? Clarity about who should provide what at a local level, greater coordination of services and clearer

accountability for all partners, all leading to more effective multi-agency working, are key.”

“The importance of the availability of good universal services to all children and young people with SEND across education, health and social care cannot be underestimated.”

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